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25 affirmations for the busy mom

The beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic was unusually difficult for me. And I say unusual because I’m one who normally operates well under stress. But the sudden change in normalcy brought about too many demands at one time, and it was difficult for me to handle them. In a matter of a few days, Chris and I both became work from home parents. He, an in demand “computer builder” (because I still don’t know his official title lol), and I, am always in high demand educator, we struggled to find the work life balance. And to add gas to the fire, we (but mostly me) became instant home teachers to our own kids as we helped them navigate their new norm of virtual learning. And if that wasn’t enough, the little bit of sanity and energy we had left was immediately eaten up by the lightening tornado known as our toddler, Levi. Let me first say, that I am extremely thankful that Chris and I were even able to keep our incomes coming into the house, because so many others were facing a different reality. We were, and still are, extremely blessed to have security within our careers. However, Chris’ job is a lot less flexible then mines. Even in the midst of it all, he still had deadlines, meetings, and projections to meet that took a LOT of his time! Even more than when he was actually at work. So when I say “we” this and “we” that, I use that term loosely because it was mostly me. And it seemed as if I was running on borrowed fumes day in and day out. I couldn’t bring the kids anywhere and they were tired of walks and bike rides since parks and everything else was closed. They couldn’t play with friends. And as my stress level grew, it seemed as if their energy level grew with it.

Then one day, I had a total meltdown. And the funny thing is, Ja’ron had just had his meltdown the day before and mines sounded exactly like his! “I can’t do all of this!” ”I just want this to be over!”...crying... ”I want to GO SOMEWHERE!”...crying... ”I NEED to GO SOMEWHERE!”...and more crying. After this moment, and a couple of talks with Chris, I slowly began to regain my footing. Because sometimes, we just have to let it all out to feel better. But I believe that the real turning point was when I began to talk to myself again. I’ve always been a self-talker. I always have a million things going on in my head, and talking myself through things helps me a great deal. But with this pandemic, so much was going on, I couldn’t even hear myself think.

So not only did I start talking myself through things again, I became intentional with how I talked to myself. I spoke affirmations whenever I began feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unmotivated.

So to the moms balancing it all. To the moms who are struggling. To the moms just trying to figure it all out. Give yourself grace. Protect your mental peace. And know that you’re fearfully and wonderfully made!


1. I am a blessing to my children.

2. I am doing the best I can as a mother, and that’s enough.

3. Rest is a part of my productivity.

4. I love my children the best way I can.

5. I will be fair to myself by asking for help when I need it.

6. My mental peace is not negotiable.

7. There‘s no need to rush because my timing is perfect.

8. I do not need permission to feel awesome.

9. I am grateful for the abundance in my life.

10. I am allowed to give myself grace.

11 I am becoming the best version of myself.

12. My children love me. 13. I am doing an amazing job. 14. I can find time for myself. 15. I can choose to say ”no”. 16. I will prioritize my responsibilities over tasks.

17. I am a good example to my children.

18. I am powerful and resilient.

19. Everything I do served a purpose for my family.

20. I know that part of being a great mother is taking care of myself.

21 My love and connection builds up my kids more than anything else. 22 I can find peace even in the midst of chaos. 23 I am important to my kids.

24 I am appreciated and loved by my family. 25. I will not allow the others to disrupt the peace of my home.


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