Hey yall! What's poppin?  I’m guessing that you want to know a little about me, right? The name is Natasha! I’m an animated twenty-something year old first grade teacher who also happens to be a devoted wife to my melanin king Chris, and a momma of three melanin boys, Quentin, Ja’ron, and Levi. Oh, and we also have a princess of the house---> our dog Chloe Cottonball. 

Why have I decided to blog? Adulting can be difficult. Add in the consuming demands of motherhood, work, and still keeping my husband happy, I just needed something for me. Originally, I needed an outlet in which I could have something of my own and put my creative side to use. And now, I just want to share my life. My story. I want to share the good moments, bad moments, and moments in between, to connect with people like you and build relationships. But I'd also be lying if I said I didn't want the recognition, the brand deals, and for this site to be a "big deal". 

Since I've entered motherhood, I've pretty much been on cruise control. Going through the motions. Doing what I have to do because it is necessary. But now? I want more because I know I can achieve more! And not only to one day benefit my family, but for myself as well! Now, I know to trust my dopeness and my hope is to encourage other moms to do the same! Every day you have a chance to make an impact on your tomorrow. Your decisions are everything. I strive to be the better than I was yesterday in all aspects of my life. Not to sound too cliche`, but it’s not always about the journey, but also about the people you meet along the way. So I got a question for you…you with me? Stick around for a bit, and we can be dope together!



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