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in the beginning...

Hey yall! What's poppin?  I’m guessing that you want to know a little about me, right? The name is Natasha! I'm in my thirties, and I'm from Texas! I’m a wife to my melanin king Chris, and a mama of three melanin boys. (Oh, and we also have a pair of dogs, Chloe Cottonball and Tobias). I consider myself to be an extremely animated creative, a rambunctious hot mess (thanks ADHD), coupled with beauty, brains and brawns.  I've always worked in education and believe that knowledge really is power. 

Why have I decided to blog? Two reasons. I'll keep it simple: 1. I want to inspire others to be their own version of  DOPe and 2.  I want to build relationships with others. That's it. That's all. is all about acknowledging that every day matters. Every day is a reset button to making yourself and your life better. Every day that you walk in your truth, your purpose, you're a DOPe individual.  Stick around for a bit, and we can be dope together!

Small Strokes

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random facts about 

* I can only wink with one eye

* I love all things Disney (even auditioned for it 3 times)

* I probably hold the record for saying "OMG" the most times in a day

* I'm an Aquarius: we get a bad rep, but we're dope

* I love to write 

* I'm known to break out in spontaneous dancing 

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